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Centenary Fund`s main services

​​​ Funding

The Centennial Fund offers partial or complete funding in the form of profit free finance (Qard Al Hassan) , for projects that need 50,000 ​ to 5,000,000 S.R. .

To be eligible for funding , the project needs to meet the conditions of our strategic partners.


The presence of a mentor is prerequisite for the funding of any project . The Centennial Fund works on providing a mentor for each project owner . And perhaps one of the most important factors that distinguishes the Centennial Fund from the rest of the competitors is that it provides a mentoring service for the project`s owner for up to 3 years starting from the launch of the project . The role of the mentor is to support the project`s owner both morally and cognitively.

​​​​​​​​ Facilitation

The project`s owner receives the necessary facilities and services to establish his own project through the Investor`s comprehensive service centers , which belong to the Saudi General Investments Authority and are available in various parts of the kingdom.

In addition , owners can contact competent authorities when needed.


The project owner receives the proper training that`s going to help him in managing the project on his own and to completely depend on himself when making decision involving his project . Also , the fund provides training workshops for all volunteering instructors.


Dear beneficiary , if you`re not satisfied with the offered service and would like to comment:​

You can do so by heading to the (contact us ) section in our website , or you can simply call 920020100 , and you`ll receive a response from our support team in the nearest time possible .​