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Fund's sectors

​Institutional performance and initiatives sector

The institutional performance and initiatives sectors is concerned with preparing strategic and action plans ,following the implementation of the objectives using Balanced Performance Scorecard , evaluating the performance of the organization , and preparing , implementing and developing the fund`s knowledge system . In addition , this sector documents policies and procedures ,adjusts forms and documents , and its role also includes maintaining the application of the ISO systems obtained by the Centennial fund (ISO9001,ISO 10002, ISO27001 and BS25999).

Quality management in this sector is mainly based on customer services , which entail answering customers` inquiries ,taking care of their complaints and delivering the needed services to the applicants . .

The centennial Fund has launched many initiatives aiming at strengthening and developing entrepreneurship both locally and internationally , and The Institutional performance and Initiatives sector is concerned with supervision of the fund`s initiatives , which are considered one of its most important achievements .

Guidance and training sector

The guidance and training sector is considered one of the Centennial fund`s most important sectors that support entrepreneurs and beneficiaries , and it differentiates the Centennial Fund from other local and international foundation.

Mentoring is a systematic approach and a practical guidance to help entrepreneurs and start-up owners developing their skills and businesses , through a group of training programs in a specialized training center ,which is accredited by local and international organizations. The training center provides various training services for entrepreneurs through attracting training competencies that have extensive expertise in the field of entrepreneurship.

Information technology sector

This sector contributes to achieving the strategic goals of the Centennial Fund through the application of the latest technology solution , it also provides its services to the staff of the fund ,beneficiaries , and customers as well.

The services that the sector offers include consultations , IT workshops , development of business models, and the design , development, maintenance and support of the online portals.

Financial and Administrative affairs and Risks sector :

The financial sector is concerned with the application of laws, implementation of the administrative and financial regulations , setting policies ,determining the objectives and financial procedures in respect to the various projects undertaken by the fund through coordination with various departments within the fund ,and dealing with the external and internal auditors and banks , in addition to preparation of the reports and financial statistics and others.

Also , the Human Resources Administration applies the standards of the best working environment.

The Administrative affairs management is aiming to poffer all the supporting administrative services , assume all the administrative operational processes , and secure and facilitate all of the requests and operational tools for the staff.

Operations sector

The operation sector receives support requests "funding requests" via the official website of the Centennial Fund , sorts them , nominates the ones that are compatible with the conditions, then interviews entrepreneurs and trains them for writing feasibility studies , follows up the establishment and operation of projects ,and connects mentors to entrepreneurs benefiting from the fund with the possibility of accessing training courses and attending various workshops.

Entrepreneurs will also have access to the BUSINESS CLINIC service , to address the difficulties faced by the project, or if desired, for development . This service is offered by a group of specialists and advisors at the Centennial Fund.

The operation Sector also supervises the Sponsoring Services program (Owners support) , which is a service provided by the Small and Medium-sized Projects` Sponsoring program for entrepreneurs in general , whether they were business owners or beneficiaries of the Fund ,and subscribers will have access to all the services offered by the Centennial Fund.