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The word of the Chairman of the board of trustees

Young people are the future of our nation , and their projects and activities both at the individual and collective levels , are the fuel that drives our nation ,pushes it forward, and puts it in a leading positions among other countries in all fields. That`s why young people are at the heart of our foundation , which was established in order to support them and their small businesses, whether through funding, guidance, moral support, or by facilitating certain procedures and transactions.​​

The Centennial Fund`s role goes beyond youth support, to interact with the strategic national plans for the development of the local economy and opens new developmental prospects for the younger generations, on which our nation is counting . As well as an attempt to support the new generations of Saudis and provide more options for them, to stimulate their creative energies and ideas, and help them to turn their dreams into reality .​​

​​At the centennial fund we don`t work alone , as all of the society is a partner for us in this vital national role. The business youth , partners, supporters, mentors and volunteers, all of them put their hands in our hands in a high national sense beyond description, so that we can all achieve what we crave of prestige and empowerment for our nation .

​​ ​

AbdulAziz bin Abdullah bin AbdulAziz

Deputy Foreign Minister

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Centennial Fund

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