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 Business continuity policy

​​Centennial fund`s Business continuity management policy

The centennial fund is seeking to establish a strong organization that can continue to function even at the hardest times ,as part of its distinct institutional culture.

At ordinary times , or at times of crisis , we , as teams and individuals , are committed to the following:

  • Offering our customers high quality services.
  • Guaranteeing the safety of all employees.
  • Respecting our promises to our partners and customers.
  • Protecting our fixed assets and money.
  • Take the necessary action to ensure that our operations our running smoothly.
  • Maintaining and improving the image of the Centennial Fund .

Business continuity assurance is the regime that we, as a one team at the Centennial Fund , are committed to applying at all times.

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The General Manager

Dr. Abd al-Aziz bin Humood Almitairi